Logo Design Trends Forecast In 2017

Martini House Logo on Nitin Designs Negative Space Logo
Martini House Logo

1. Negative Space Logo

This style of logo is based around double symbolism, where positive and negative space each seek the watcher’s consideration. Think the NBC logo, where the negative space is utilized to make the notable peacock picture.

line art logo nitin designs Line Art Logo
Pop City Pops Logo

2. Line Art Logo

This pattern utilizes a consistent thickness of lines with just a single strong shading coordinated. It can be seen being utilized by brands who wish to set themselve as fun, present day and laid back. Pushing ahead, there will be extraordinary open doors for creators to discover imaginative approaches to use negative dispersing into their line workmanship outlines.

meta lover nitin designs logo Literal Minimalism Logo
Metalovers Logo

3. Literal Minimalism Logo

In an industry where logos are getting to be distinctly strong, heaped and more unpredictable trying to separate itself, it is regularly the least complex of plans which get the attention, most prominently the “level outline” drift ruling the market.

piccolo logo design Hand-Drawn Logo
Piccolo Logo

4. Hand-Drawn Logo

Hand-drawn representation were prominent in 2016 and this pattern is set to increase much more ground in 2017, as it passes on genuineness.

open table Form simplification Logo
Open Table Logo

5. Form simplification Logo

There are messy individuals, and there are flawless individuals. I adore both, however in the event that logo and marking patterns are any sign, it’s a great opportunity to prepare for cleanliness.

moving parts logo Openview
Openview Logo

6. Moving parts Logo

I’ve spared the best for last! A standout amongst the most energising patterns on my radar is marking that presents both logo plan variety in printed materials and electronic vivified GIFs.

vintage logo nitin designs Rugged logo
Rugged Logo

7. Vintage

Clients have compelling feelings and recollections associated with the past, and a vintage logo will regularly address them in a way that a present day one won’t, playing on sentimentality.

A vintage logo can frequently pass on a feeling of believability and in addition a feeling of availability with the client or brand.

This is something numerous architects and clients are settling on today, and this will develop in 2017.



Top 5 Qualities should a logo have

1. Simple

Logo Sample Nike, for above content on Nitin Designs
Nike Logo

A basic logo configuration takes into account simple acknowledgement and permits the logo to be flexible and essential.

2. Memorable


Taking after firmly behind the guideline of straightforwardness, is that of memorability. A successful logo configuration ought to be paramount and this is accomplished by having a basic, yet, suitable logo.

3. Timeless


Most likely the best case of an ageless logo is the Coca-Cola logo… in the event that you contrast it with the Pepsi logo beneath, you can see exactly how viable making an immortal logo can be. See how the Coca Cola logo has scarcely changed since 1885? That is ageless outline.
A powerful logo ought to be immortal – that is, it will bear the ages. Will the logo still be powerful in 10, 20, 50 years?

4. Versatile


A powerful logo ought to have the capacity to work over an assortment of mediums and applications. The logo ought to be utilitarian. Therefore a logo ought to be composed in vector organisation, to guarantee that it can be scaled to any size. The logo ought to have the capacity to work both in even and vertical organisations.

5. Appropriate


How you position the logo ought to be proper for its expected reason. For instance, on the off chance that you are planning a logo for golf club, it is suitable to utilize an expert text style and shading plan. What’s more, outline would dependably appear about the golfer/golf.